Premium South Florida Property Management

McCleary Property Services provides complete caring and hands-on estate management in Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas. We tailor our service to meet your unique and individual needs. We will make sure that all aspects of your estate, no matter how big or small, are maintained in excellent presentation and running order. We take care of your full-time live-in home or part-time residence, your vacation property, your gardens, your cars, boats, and all your big and small recreational toys.

Fort Lauderdale and surrounding South Florida residents know we take care of your family, your guests. McCleary Property Services manages all of the day-to-day activities required to operate and maintain your estate as well as the less frequent tasks that need to happen every once in a while.

Our Services

We offer a wide array of service to ensure our clients are taken care of including:

  • Full Service Concierge
  • Home Maintenance
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Hurricane Preparedness
  • Waiting Service
  • Personal Service
  • Referrals to Vendors
  • Supervising and Staffing

McCleary Property Management Services has been serving clients at a large variety of locations across all of South Florida for years, leaving a trail of happy homes and customers all the while. You’ll find us to be a versatile team, in that all sorts of needs can be met by our wide range of services. Whether you’d simply like a monthly condo inspection or whether you’re looking for someone to maintain your private jet, we’ll be there. Through a mix of household, vehicle, concierge and other miscellaneous services, you’ll be please to find that one team is all you need to keep all of the little things in life running smoothly while you remain focused on the important stuff.

Personalized Lifestyle and Property Management

McCleary Property Services will be pleased to prepare a personalized lifestyle and property management program that is guaranteed to pamper you and maximize your time for those matters of higher importance. You can be confident that we will provide dependable and professional luxury lifestyle management and property management services to assist you with your home in Fort Lauderdale and South Florida.